Basil Reynolds

Basil Reynolds is a UK Hip Hop pioneer, Published Author, Motivational speaker, Qualified Master coach and Trainer.

  • In 1987 released 1st single with LRS ‘London Rhyme Syndicate’
  • Released ‘It is time to get funky’ with D-Mob featuring LRS
  • In 2017 he qualified as a transformational coach with Destiny Coaching
  • In 2019 coaching certification from the International Coaching Academy Master’s program.
  • In 2020 published ‘Finding the Music Inside’, your inner algorithm to a more meaningful life.
  • In 2021 Launched Finding the Music Inside Consultancy.

I have been coaching music creatives for 18 years in various settings and capacities. My first mentoring assignment was in 1993 with bands such as Eternal & Mn8, I have also worked in partnership with various organisations such as Urbeatz  in delivering music-based projects from 2008. This involved working with local artists, giving them a platform and opportunity to develop their craft both personally and professionally. I have also worked in partnership with music development programs such as the LIMF Academy, PRS Power Up, SoundCity & LIPA, coaching artists at various stages on their artistic journey

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