It’s all about the song, it’s the most important thing. The feeling it creates.

A songwriter has to know where the bar is. To develop the skill of objectivity so they can hit the illusive target. You discover what the mainstream industry wants as you tune in to the radio. They mould and shape what makes a song a hit, they lure you into comparing your songs to them, and then doing everything You can to make songs and groups in there image. Who sees the money passed for airplay.

Is it the skills you have and who you know that opens the door.

The pursuit of achievement often distracts from the deep daily activities and relationships that make life meaningful. Do we lose ourselves in the moment, or maintain integrity for your true self to manifest.

When a plant is grown from seed, the the first root that the seed produces is the tap root. This tap root grows long in length downwards. The reason for this is that the tap root stabilizes the young plant and keeps it upright. The more

deeper it goes into the ground, the young plant is kept upright and survives strong winds and other climatic conditons. Once the plant is stabilized, the function of the tap root is over. When you are planning to make a bonsai you must ensure that the tap root is cut. A bonsai tree is a replication from nature, where nature is mimicked. When an artists focuses solely on success he becomes the bonsai. His dream, his gift becomes detached like the taproot. He then becomes a smaller version of something already created. Like the growth of a tree building a career takes time.

Today we lack one ingredient and that is patience.

Imagine reading a story titled “The Relentless Pursuit of Crack.” You would likely expect a depressing story about a person in a downward addictive spiral. Now imagine instead reading a story titled “The Relentless Pursuit of Success.” That would be an inspiring story, wouldn’t it. Maybe, but maybe not. It might well be the story of someone whose never-ending quest for more and more success leaves them perpetually unsatisfied and incapable of happiness. They lose the ability to enjoy the moment. It’s like riding on a train and all you see is the station platform. You missed the beauty of nature that you passed, you didn’t see the rainbow, all you see is the station platform.

I often say I wish I knew then what I know now!

Physical dependency keeps a drug addict committed to their vice, even though it wrecks their happiness. But some consider the emotional stronghold it has worth the price.

I love music but fame and success was the crack and led me astray. I fell in love what success meant, because the love was ruining everything I cared about, I had to fall out. The decision to keep chasing success was the cause of me losing authenticity in my music resulting in me falling out of love with my gift.

As an artist in the eighties we were making our way. We had no blueprint or plan to follow. At times I found myself loving a song, an artist so much I wanted to sound like them. Within the philosophy of major labels success had us chasing the dragon.


It starts when you have your first high, your world is peaceful, everything becomes perfect, you’re numb to your pain, in the best way possible. But, before you know it, it starts wearing off. Your mind races, you’re pulled out of your dream. You crave the feeling more and more, wanting to feel the same way as you did on your first high. You go to the dealer and buy the same amount you had the first time. Still feels good, but not as good as first time. You go and buy more. Closer, but not quite there. You’re trapped, you don’t know what to do. You want to go back to your high and stay forever, but your body is already developing a tolerance. You panic. You use all your money to buy more and more and more, but still, not the same as that first time.

Our dragon is called Success. To live and enjoy the moment you might need to slay the dragon before it robs you of your energy.

Major labels pushed us to chase yesterday’s sounds, yesterday’s hits. Whenever you hear a great song your already in yesterday, but how can I make it. I was so desperate to make it I discarded reason and common sense. We were made to feel that our sound was not good enough, we were pushed to be more like other groups, sound like others sounded.

Have you ever tried to complete a puzzle, you find a piece and it looks like it fits. You try forcing it in and you end up damaging the piece. That’s what we were doing, choosing inspiration from outside instead of playing the music inside. Our confidence in self was being eroded away. It made us vulnerable to the sharks that said they could make us stars. I thought I understood but now I overstand.

We all have the ability to shine, we just need to awaken to the reality that our light is within us.

What I’m really saying is , I started my journey in music and allowed it to get hijacked. Today I’m more wise and able to navigate my way in life a little better. I started rapping because it gave me a way to express my self like nothing else I ever did. It allowed me to be me. My true self could be revealed, my true self that felt oppressed and disenfranchised. I lacked role models, I tried to become them instead of use there energy to become all I could be. It’s liberating, you don’t need to chase the dragon, you need to slay the dragon. I needed to trust myself that I do what I do for the love, to express my gift and that’s the truth, my truth.

As soon as we base our success on the opinions of others we are on a slippery slope.

The only way we fit into place is by being our self, if you feel your self isn’t enough then do the work on your self. A little clue, you never find the answer outside of you.

The dangerous ground that performers stand on is this, we want our audience to enjoy our music and shows. If they don’t, it can impact our happiness? Will it open the door to struggles that impact on well-being? Does my audience hold my success in their fickle hands?

Reality Check

I do what I do because it makes me happy and if you like it then that’s a bonus. I don’t take my cue from social media, from people that don’t know me. I guard my heart in the same way a rich man guards his possessions.
I’m not looking for approval, I’m made in the image of my creator YAH. This fact brings me peace and gives me the fortitude to reach within and share it with the world.

You define what success looks like! It’s not based on what popular culture says it must always be based on why you do what you do.

Basil Reynolds

Coaching Consultant

Finding the Music Inside