It’s time to unlock your full potential and demonstrate greatness in all areas of your life. It’s time to remind yourself how special and gifted you are!

We are all born unique and special and the only way we truly fit in is to let the music we have inside shine outwardly. If we fail, we conform to a society that can be totally incompatible with our way of being.

What is my Music Inside?


It is that thing that gives you purpose. It is that thing you become so passionate about it’s almost like your on your own personal soap box. It’s that thing that comes naturally to you, it’s not something you have had to work at. It is in the flow, it is when everything aligns, the dots are connected. It is when you lose yourself in the moment and are able to be the best version of yourself.

It’s not what you do it’s who you are!

What I do, doesn’t define who I am. I have a strong inner motivation to influence people and circumstances. When we live as we were created to be, we show how unique and powerful we are. We live in a society that rewards and celebrates doing. Hustle hard. You are what you produce. Be financially free by 40, otherwise you aren’t fulfilling your potential. Yet all that pushing, hustling, and grinding only gets you so far. Once you find out the reason you are here, it reveals what you can do!

Live on Purpose

Our purpose is our reason for being. We are conditioned to pursue careers based on financial reward. Rewards that leave us with barely enough to live on when all is said and done.

When you discover your purpose you don’t adjust it to fit your life. You change your life to fit your purpose!


Your inner world reflects your outer world, and what is inside will not only shape you it will define you. I am an old school hip-hop artist, motivational speaker, an author and personal development specialist.

Everyone’s got that one thing they were born to do.

Finding the Music Inside is all about finding and unleashing your true potential. Have you ever felt like you’re walking on a treadmill, your putting in maximum effort but going nowhere? You can sense something is missing, deep inside there is a belief that your life can be more meaningful. You want to experience a greater sense of fulfilment than you already are.At the heights of social unrest

in the eighties an emerging culture sparked an internal revolution in my life. It made visible the invisible parts of society giving them a voice and a platform. I was the founding member of the pioneering UK hip hop trio the London Rhyme Syndicate. My journey of discovery and becoming is understanding the call outside. Educated so I can be of use to the system in power. Educated in a one size fits all system of measurement. This left me questioning my goals in life. Everyone is doing it, so I didn’t question the system or analyse whether it was the right fit for me.

Yet there is another call, a silent cry from within!

Inside I was screaming out for meaning, for an outlet. Born into a world that discriminates and hates based on ideology’s introduced by the ruling elite in order to justify their greed and cruelty. I no longer wanted to be there pawn. Inside me I wanted my voice to mean something and that was my entry point into hip hop. It gave me purpose.

We all have meaning and a purpose, when that purpose is hidden it must be found. It reveals our “why” and sets us on the road to fulfilment. It’s not only big dreams that have the power to move our souls, it’s the small ones too. I loved to emcee, to be on stage and to entertain the crowd. Today I want to set you in motion, where you will be motivated to Find your Music Inside. Break the self-limiting beliefs and achieve your best in life.

Finding the Music Inside your inner algorithm to a more meaningful life is all about finding and unleashing your true potential. Listening to music uses the entirety of the human brain, this is one of the few activities that does this. I searched for meaning and direction, I found it through hip hop.

Basil Reynolds

Coaching Consultant

Finding the Music Inside