The term “what goes up must come down” is a phrase that means things that rise must eventually return to the earth. Gravity is the universal force of attraction acting between all matter. It is described as the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.

Do we set up our Musicians to fail?

Sade’s been out of the spotlight, yet has had major chart success. She’s sold 50 millions records and doesn’t need to work again. She lost a marriage and a house too, but rebuilt the house and rediscovered love, gave birth to a daughter, and finally figured out how to deal with fame. Guess there was nothing left to do but bring out a new album. Welcome to the complex world of Sade. Mica Paris reached dizzy heights as a pop star. That spell of fame ended on a sour note, but huge reserves of talent and character saw her through.

When I first began to pursue music as an artist, I was told “If you love it, it don’t matter about the money” or other ideas along those lines. Of course, this line of thinking comes from those who listen. Keeping it real, I wanted people to recognize me as a hip hop artist who was not in it for the money but an artist who pursued music for the culture. In very few careers do people have this expectation, you should never pursue your passion and not be paid for your time, effort, and, energy.

Long after I put the microphone down I came to realize that there is a way to be a serious artist and not give myself away for what will never satisfy.

Artists need to place a value on what they do!

Placing a value on your gift as an artist also helps you to see through the people who simply want to take advantage of you. This will also enable you connect with people who are actually invested in your journey.

I understand that a majority of artists have to invest in themselves, much like most other small businesses. There are investments in training, purchasing equipment, studio time, travel expenses, advertising, and creating music as a few examples. Even if they do realize the costs, do they really take these costs as seriously as a small business owner. If a business owner said, “I need money for a MacBook or a new suit”, they understand that these are investments into your brand.


As artists, we share platforms with the millions of other artists, including major and established artists, on the internet, which is saturated, but every other entity that exists. All of them are competing for the attention of the audiences Tik Tok dances and cute animals.

On the other hand, there are the basics of the business such as musicians and performers needing to learn how to connect with people, who are my strategic alliances, how do I connect with them and when to contact them.

How do you market and promote your music, when to contact Ali Ali radio, and the correct venues to showcase yourself. What does professionalism for a musician look like?

Some artists tend to forget that this is a business. If you say your going to do it, then do it. It doesn’t cost anything to show up on time, be reliable. Don’t miss events and don’t become unreachable as this makes you unreachable. We
have to be life long learners. Don’t forget how to handle your business.

Basil Reynolds

Coaching Consultant

Finding the Music inside