If you’re playing gigs, recording and releasing music and making any sort of money from your music, no matter what, then you already are in the Music Industry. And if you already are in the music industry, the question isn’t how do I break into the music industry? It’s how do I succeed in the music industry?

Those who succeed in the music industry are those who put in the work and focus on the things that matter.

So you don’t have a record deal, a manager, a PR team or anything else that all the big artists have. This is a mindset that a lot of people have. They see the music industry as having this high barrier for entry with gatekeepers blocking them at every turn. Only the lucky few are allowed to enter.

Find your Niche to Master your craft

Whether singing, songwriting, rapping, playing an instrument, or producing music, all musicians need to spend time perfecting their craft and developing there talent. Knowing who you are as an artist or band is important. What is your unique selling point? Your unique selling point is what makes you stand out amongst your competitors. Figure out where you’re going, or want to go, and make your goals clear. People won’t want to invest time, and potential money, in you if you’re unclear of where you want your music to take you. Study those that came before you, experiment, get professional feedback and tons of practice.

You never really want to have a closed mindset when working on your craft in the music industry. Limiting yourself, no matter what direction you decide to take, is never a healthy approach. Study everything you can about music and the people who are professionally involved in music. You never know what doors or untapped potential you could be unlocking during your research and practice.

Decide your message

Having talent is great, but every musician needs to focus on their message and what they want to express to the world. What does you life journey qualify you to say? What are the issues that stir you up? What are the topics you always find yourself speaking about? The answers to these questions will help you in discovering your life message.

Making music is not just about skill, but also about feeling and freedom of expression. In order to build aa audience, your songs should connect to them in a specific way, giving them a voice.

Artists, Producers, Record Labels and audiences are always keeping their ears open for the next best thing. These people are looking for something that they’ve never heard before. If you want your career to last, being your original self. Find your sound that matches who you are.

Talent will make you a good singer, but talent with a message will make you a great artist. Walter Tucker


Your Plan

It’s important for any band, musician or artist to have a plan, success does not happen by accident. If you’re a solo artist you can create this yourself, bands need to involve each member so everyone knows what their end goal is and work towards it as a collective.

Talent will get you there but it’s not enough. Success is beyond ambition; it is initiative. Breaking into the industry won’t happen overnight. Don’t get discouraged, patience is a big part of being able to break through the industry. When you experience frustration that is when you must be persistent. This is when you find out how badly you want it. The people who push through these moments are the ones who you may look up to now.

Write it Down

Goals help us become better versions of ourselves and writing them down means that you can visually see them. This is important because when we see something, it impacts how we act. You’re more likely to be productive if you can see what you have to do, instead of just thinking about it. There’s nothing worse

that coming up with a great idea then forgetting what it was the next day. Keep your ideas on paper so you can relate back and expand on them.

Everyone needs time to relax and chill. So often musicians are shown that if they aren’t practicing or performing all the time, then someone else will be doing more and gaining an edge on them. You have to know your own limits, discover what works for you, and stick to it. Knowing when to rest and chill is key, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Your Brand

Always take pride in your brand, whether it is regarding advertising or merchandise. Your audience are the vehicle for your exposure and music sales, always think excellence.

See What Works Best for You, every band, musician and artist is different, with a different audience to interact with. Find out what your fans engage with and what social media platforms work best for your music. Social media is great for musicians to interact and up date their fans but find the way that’s best for you. Fans on different social media platforms are likely to engage and react in different ways and to different things, make sure you find the most beneficial way to you brand.


As you’re perfecting the craft and finding your message, you need to record music and begin forming your sound. Finding the best producers to help develop your sound and working with songwriters to create captivating songs can make or break your career. Delivering your best material to fully represent your vision and talent.

Market and promote yourself

After making great songs, musicians must be involved in the marketing and promotion of their content. Technology has made it easier to create and distribute music. However, this also has created an oversaturation of music projects. To combat that, it’s extremely important for you to be creative in how you promote yourself. You must be creative in building your social media presence, take photos that highlight your brand, interact with your audience, and so on.

The Journey your audience will take is a vital part of your planning. There are five fundamental stages we need to review at each stage that will ultimately guide your audience to where you want them to go;


Are you visible on the channels your customers are using?


Do you provide enough information for them to make a valid decision?


How are you assisting your audience in the decision making process? Is it a smooth transition?


The most crucial time to be helpful is at the point of your audience listening. Are you being helpful here?


Post-purchase is sometimes forgotten about. How do you treat your audience after a sale? Are they with now?

What are you doing at each stage to be relevant to your audience and help guide them through their own personal journey?

Network to build a team

While creating and performing your music, you also need to attend events, open mics, music conferences, and go anywhere else where you can make creative and business connections. Network with music producers, find fellow musicians to collaborate with, and develop your knowledge of music business.

Believe in yourself

Always remember why you want to be an artist and stay motivated. It can be a very harsh industry, but what’s worse is not pursuing your passion and giving up your dreams because of fear. We are born with only two fears, the fear of falling and loud noises. All other fears are learnt and can be unlearnt. Dreams don’t work unless you do! It will take work, regardless of your skill set don’t let your procrastination outwork you. Procrastination is the thief of time.

Basil Reynolds

Coaching Consultant

Finding the Music Inside